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Turkish coffee plays a significant role in the ancient and modern Turkey’s society. This is just one of the modes of communication between the cultured citizen and the inquisitive traveler.

Turkey offers many new and delightful café and restaurants where friends and families meet to converse topics of the day over a cup of traditional Turkish coffee.

The winning aroma and pleasant taste of a cup of Turkish coffee will create a thrill to know how it was prepared.


How to make Turkish Coffee

Centuries ago, when people spent more of their time to focus on the demands of their everyday pleasures and give less time to the load of business and corporate life, coffee making improved some ceremonies that exist in ‘lite’ versions in our days. During ancient times, experts want their coffee to be heated gradually over charcoal embers approximately for 15 to 20 minutes, and the copper coffee pot was often removed from the fire to prevent overheating.

An expert can easily make a distinction between a well- made Turkish coffee to the one prepared and serve up by cheap restaurants. These restaurants used to boil the coffee quickly, which degrades the taste and create little froth that needs to cover the cup of coffee.

Although at present time, there are still a few people who apply the traditional ways of preparing the coffee by means of boiling using charcoal. However, for convenient purposes, modern gas or electric stove became the heating equipment as an alternative.

For your Turkish coffee, you need to have these items in your kitchen:
Turkish coffee bean
Turkish coffee pot
Turkish coffee grinder, if you want to grind the coffee beans. However, some grinder failed to obtain the extra fine ground coffee that Turkish coffee requires.

The techniques in making a perfect Turkish coffee:

1. Pour cold water in the coffee pot. One cup of cold water per each cup is required. Then, add an additional half cup “for the pot”. Put in one teaspoon of ground Turkish coffee for each cup of cold water and stir. The amount of coffee may be changed based on taste. A fat layer of coffee grounds at the bottom of your cup is the distinction of the approved made Turkish coffee. Fill in the pot with enough coffee. If you need to put in more sugar, this is the exact time to do it.

2. Slowly Heat the pot as much as you can to get better result. Carefully check it regularly to avoid spilling over when the coffee boils.

3. Pour some but not all of the coffee evenly between the cups while the water boils. Be sure that you fill each cup about a quarter to a third of the way. This will ensure that everyone gets an equal share of the foam forming on top of the pot, without losing the delightful taste of the coffee. You should prolong heating until coffee boils. Let it boil for few minutes since it has boiled already. Then, pour out the rest of the coffee between the cups.

Since there is no straining of coffee whenever this process is being perform, you should wait for a few minutes before drinking your flavorsome Turkish coffee as the coffee grounds settle at the underneath your cup.

It is not just satisfying your taste buds in drinking cup of Turkish coffee matters, but also sustain your hunger for few instructions on how to prepare it by your own. Learn the ways on how to prepare the traditional Turkish coffee appropriately so wherever you are and whenever you want, you can savor the secrets of Turkish coffee!

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