Have a Taste of a Delightful Tour in Turkey's Cuisine
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Have a Taste of a Delightful Tour in Turkey's Cuisine   


It is really worthwhile just to take a culinary trip in Turkey because of its rich and mouthwatering variety of cuisine. Turkey cultivated their cuisine to an excellent expertise that echoes to the refinement of their culture.

Turkey has a long gamut of old recipes that were perfected by many chefs in the country just to please the palate of Sultans. Turkish food was served in a very simple presentation and its natural flavor does not concealed by their sauces. Leftover foods are seldom in Turkish homes since the Ottomans passed laws that will regulate the freshness of every food in every table in Turkey.


It is believed that travelers in Turkey are really interested with its rich history and culture but became happier and contented for the Turkish food.

Here are some trivia about the Turkish cuisine:

Did you know that a visit to Topkapi Palace will unveil the importance of fine cuisine in the life of Sultans? Everyday food was cooked for ten thousand people in their kitchen and there were different chefs for different items like soup, pilafs, kebabs and many more.

Did you know that to show how important the food to the Royal life, the Ottoman military hierarchy had names like Soup men for Commanders, Chief Cook and Baker and many more for their other officials?

Did you know that the wide variety of Turkish food is due to the geographical differentiation of the regions with it’s diverge landscape and climate? The location and climate of each region in Turkey cultivates different products like meat, fish, fruits and vegetables and grains.

In Turkey, bread is the main item in their meal. Ordinary wheat dough is baked into fresh loaves of bread that was commonly offered in the neighborhood bakery. There are arrays of bread to taste from on Turkish cuisine.

The usual Turkish meat item that can be found on their table is Kebab. The subtle taste of kebabs may differ depending on the breed of sheep or cattle rather than the chef’s recipe.

Fish is one of the most important foods during winter when summer vegetables are limited. And did you know that every fish dish in Turkey is accompanied by a particular type of vegetable?

For those who travel in culinary quest, Turkish cuisine is a very interesting one. The variety of dishes that composes the Turkish Cuisine, the ways that they come up together in a festive meal and the obvious sophistication and complexity of their craft can provide sufficient material for a life long study and enjoyment that will surely satisfy our palate.

The customary patterns and a variety of Turkish Cuisine are always present whether in a simple home, at a prominent restaurant or on the tables of Sultans that will fulfill your senses.

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